Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala

Arakkal Palace

The Arakkal Palace was the only Muslim dynasty that existed in Kerala. So Kannur in north Kerala, ruled by Ali Rajas was very significant. The palace has been converted into a museum, the Arakkal Museum and is under the Department of Archaeology. The palace and other buildings in the area are built of wood, an example of regional architecture. The exhibits here include the seal of the Arakkal family, barn, box for storing deeds/documents, telephone, swords, daggers, telescope, old copies of the Quran.

At one time in history, the Arakkal dynasty held sway over a little more than Kannur town and Lakshadweep. The rulers were selected without any gender discrimination. This was quite unique. The eldest member in the family was the ruler and the patron. The male rulers were known as Ali Rajas and women rulers, Arakkal Beevis. The dynasty had close contacts with Haider Ali, Tippu Sultan, the Bijapur Sultan and the Dutch. However, with the British conquering Mysore, the decline of the Arakkal dynasty began.

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